LifeHouse Church – English Speakers

LifeHouse Poznań is a vibrant and growing church. We have the heart to see people connect with Jesus and become passionate followers of Christ.

We believe that God has called LifeHouse to be a large, Jesus-centered church, full of grace and truth, reaching and equipping all generations around the world.


  1. Where and when does the church meet?
    You can join us in person – our current location you can find on our social media Facebook or Instagram. You can join service every Sunday at 5 pm.

  2. Since it’s a Polish church, will I be able to understand the message?
    Although we’re a church based in Poland we love to see people from around the world joining us. That’s why we provide simultaneous translation of the service with devices provide on location. Corded headphones (not Bluetooth) are provided, but we encourage you to bring your own. Come earlier and get it for yourself and your English-speaking friends!

  3. Is there a chance to meet some people from the church during weekdays?
    Sure! We’re running small meetings on a fortnightly basis that we call LifeGroups. We usually meet at home, where we talk about life, play games, pray and read the Bible. Furthermore, we have a special LifeGroup devoted to English-speakers, so that you have a chance to meet people from other countries and get involved in the discussion.
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  4. I would like to get involved as a volunteer but I don’t speak Polish. Is it possible?
    Of course! Among our volunteers, there are people who are English speakers and at the same time the majority of Polish people feel comfortable speaking English, so feel free to join us. All you need to do is fill out a contact form available on our webpage or message us directly on our social media.